You're Top Writer Potential But... Did You Make it to the Top 10? 🤔

6 Mar 2024

Hey there, Hackers!

As some of you may know, we recently launched abrand new ranking system for the top writers in each Tech Category on HackerNoon. To give you the low down on what this is all about, every week, our ranking system will refresh the numbers and showcase the top 10 most prolific writers for all 22 parent categories on the website.

The more you write and get published, the higher your ranking and the more you can show off to your friends and family (please do; you’ve earned it!). To that end, we would also like to show you off! Today, we’re giving a shoutout to last week’s top 10 code wizards over in the Programming category who are serving up killer guides, unique angles, and helping us untangle all that spaghetti code. Here we go:

Last Week's Top Programming Writers

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Top 10 Programming Writers on HackerNoon

1. Brian Treese

He is the Chief of UX at SoCreate, and he has been on a roll with multiple guides about HTML and CSS. Read one of his stories here.

2. Dev Leader

He is the Principal Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft, and his vast collection of guides is extremely beginner-friendly and even features great video tutorials!

Read: Are Implicit Operators a Path to Clean Code or a Buggy Nightmare?

3. Learn Repo

Did you know HackerNoon has a repository page that lists stories by topic and reading time created? Browse, peruse, and find the right story for you! Start here 👇

4. Ethan Wang

He has been killing it with Git and Vim guides for two months straight.

Check out: Git - 1 How to Get Started With Git

5. Rishabh Argawal

He is a huge tech enthusiast, and his massive collection of Programming stories reflects his range and expertise. Check out: How to Shed Pounds Off Your Docker Image

6. Nemi Shah

He is a full-stack dev specializing in frontend and with a growing number of Flutter guides. Keep it up! Read: An Essential Guide to SwiftUI: Reusable UI with Custom Modifiers

7. Madza

He wants you to get better at coding, and he's got the resources to get you started.

Check out his story 👇

8. Pratik Pathak

Pratik is a tech pro, hitting the ground running with new guides on JavaScript and Python.

Discover 25+ Beginner Javascript Projects With Source Code on Github

9. Shai Almog

Shai is helping you debug like a pro with everything from guides to think pieces, and teaching you why "Don't Touch It, it Works" is Problematic in Engineering.

10. Laba Subagia

Meet a new writer on a strong start, kicking off their catalog with tips and tricks on using pointers in Go. Check out: Pointer Pitfalls: A Simple Utility Function That Makes Pointers in Go Easier

Think you’re ready to challenge the best?

If you found yourself at the top of the ladder, congrats! You’ve earned yourself some bragging rights. If you feel like you’ve got the writing chops to climb the ranks and be the next top dog on HackerNoon, try some of our templates below and get to work.

Whether you would like to try your hand at a Programming guide or you want to branch out into Web3 or Cybersecurity, don’t be afraid to test your might!