Find Your Next Article Idea on HackerNoonđź’ˇ

22 Mar 2024

Hey Hackers!

As we all know, coming up with your next big article idea can be stressful. You write article after article until there is no more creative juice in your brain. Then what? How do you overcome that to continue writing?

Well, if you’re stuck in a rut, here are some tips to pull yourself out of it.

Finding Your Next Article Idea

  1. Browsing Social Media

Social media can be a big and intimidating place, but god is it a great place to start brainstorming ideas. Go to Twitter, and look at the trending topics; see what people are talking about.

Are people talking about a new AI tool?

Sounds like a good time to check it out and review it. Maybe you could even compare it to other AI tools out there.

If you see a lot of discussion about what crypto people should invest in next, why not give your two cents about your own investment experience?

  1. Constantly Check the News

In a similar vein to always having your ear on the social media ground, you should do the same with the news. People want to know what’s happening in their world, and beyond that, they want to know what other people think about breaking news and current situations.

SBF arrested and facing charges? Let the world know how you feel with an opinion piece. Another good idea would be to break down the story and let people know what led to all of this.

  1. See What Other People Are Writing About

The best way to get writing inspiration is to read. And what better place to start than on HackerNoon?

  • Check the top stories page to see what stories the HackerNoon editors deemed to be worthy of the front page.

  • The Techbeat page shows you what stories are trending this week. You can even organize them by the amount of reads, comments, and how much engagement they got.

  • Check out our Content page if you’re looking for a specific subject. Every topic from media to society to programming and machine learning is on that page. Click on one of them, and gain access to hundreds of stories.

We’re not saying to plagiarize it, but there’s nothing wrong with being inspired to write about the same topic as somebody else. Everyone has a unique view and mindset; you can never copy anyone if you’re just being you. But if you’ve done all of this and still need help with your next story, HackerNoon has got you covered.

Templates to the Rescue

HackerNoon has dozens of templates at your disposal to give you that extra kick you need. Answer the questions thoughtfully, and voila, a story ready for the masses.

To access the templates, click on the “Write” button at the top right corner of the HackerNoon writer dashboard, and it will automatically show you all of the available templates.

Some of the templates include:

  • The Game Review Template: If you just finished playing a video game and need help forming your thoughts and opinions, this template will do the trick.
  • Everyone Should Know About It: When you’re writing about a niche subject that you believe the whole world should know about.
  • Tech Company News: Talk about current tech news, how it affects all of us, and what it means for the future.

Check Out Our Opt Out Contest!

And as always, we have a contest running where you can earn money by doing what you do best: writing. The Opt Out Writing Contest presented by Aut Labs and HackerNoon will run until October. Which means you have plenty of time to participate!

For inspiration, read the incredible Opt Out stories from your fellow HackerNoon community members, or use the Opt Out writing template to get a leg up.

That’s it for now; until next time!