Unveiling the Best of 2023: Top Stories, Writers, Tech Categories, and Templates! 📚

15 Jan 2024

✨ As we welcome 2024, let's take a moment to applaud the incredible stories that fueled our hacker minds in 2023! 🚀 We've compiled a 2023 roundup of the top most-read stories, top active writers, top tech categories, and even the top most popular templates. These insights might be just what you need to start the 2024 right!

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Most Read Stories Of The Year⁠

We've compiled the 23 most-read stories from last year: it's time to give a virtual high-five to our phenomenal writers! 📚✨

1. Every Game of the Year Winner in Chronological Order, by Jose Hernandez.


  1. Navigating Big Data's Potential and Privacy in Modern Medicine, by Viktoriia Erokhina


  1. How to Implement a Merkle Tree in Solidity, by Daniel Shvetsov


  1. Solid Principles in Smart Contract Development, by Daniel Shvetsov


  1. Android Devices in Enterprise Mobility: Navigating Key Risks, by Alexey Zhurba


  1. Profiting in Times of Crises: The Silicon Valley Bank Story, by Alexey Zhurba


  1. The World Is Ready for a New Type of Operating System, by Theo Priestley


  1. How to Centre an Element in CSS with Tailwind, by Jonathon Simpson


  1. Smart Contract Optimization: How to Use Less Gas in Ethereum by Daniel Shvetsov


  1. The Potential Impact of the Metaverse on Education, by Lomit Patel


  1. The 7 Software Architecture Books Experienced Developers Need to Read by Javin Paul


  1. 13 Best Datasets for Power BI Practice by Datasets


  1. Coding: The Universal Language You Must Learn, by Lomit Patel


  1. Portfolio Optimization with Python and Quantum Computing Techniques, by Dmitrii Abramov
  2. Validate Binary Search Tree: Blind 75 LeetCode Question, by Ruslan Rakhmedo
  3. 15 Excel Datasets for Data Analytics Beginners by Datasets
  4. Introducing Drag-Your-GAN: Drag Objects to Create New Images, by Louis-François Bouchard
  5. How to Design a Messaging Service in Your 45-Minute System Design Interview, by Leonid Zemenkov
  6. How to Fix Android Not Receiving Verification Texts Error by Manmohan Singh
  7. I Conducted Experiments with the Alpacallama-7B Language Model: Here Are the Results, by Zheng "Bruce" Li
  8. Unveiling the Power of PM and P3M Algorithms on GPUs, by Alexey Ozeritskiy
  9. How to Create a Solar System in JavaScript with Three.js by Daniel Shvetsov
  10. Facilitating Team Development in a High-Pressure Environment, by Anton Rysin

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Most Active Writers Of The Year

And now, let's cheer for the movers and shakers of 2023 – some of our most active writers, the ones who never let their keyboards gather dust and kept us hooked with the hottest info on the web.

Let’s give it up to:

  1. Ishan Pandey
  2. Ulrik Lykke
  3. Andrey Didovskiy
  4. ZeroRequiem
  5. Mike Young
  6. Shai Almog
  7. Obyte
  8. Nicolas Fränkel
  9. Marcin Wosinek
  10. Frank Z

Most Popular Tech Categories in 2023

Some Tech Categories really got you going - let’s take a look at the top ten of 2023:

  1. Programming: This category resounds popular, accounting for 37% of all reads!

    [Write a programming story with this template.]

  2. Machine-learning: The second runner-up drops to 16% of all reads on HackerNoon - a significant decrease but still huge in readers’ interest.

    [Tell us what they don’t say about AI/ML with this template]

  3. Web3: The third place earned 13% of the whole audience readership!

    [Discuss Web3’s future with this template]

  4. Tech Stories: Just a little bit behind, Tech Stories accounts for 12% of all reads.

    [Tell us the last thing you learned with this template]

  5. Gaming: Now, for the second noteworthy drop: Gaming accounts for almost 5% of all reads; though significantly lower, it still encompasses 565,728 reads!

    [Review a game with this template]

  6. Cloud: This category accounts for 3,82% of all reads.

    [Write a Cloud story with this template]

  7. Cybersecurity: A short distance behind, we have the Cybersecurity category, representing 3,70% of all reads.

    [Tell us how you got into Cybersecurity story with this template]

  8. Data Science: With 3,55%, Data Science holds the 8th place on this list.

    [Write about Data with this template]

  9. Futurism: This category holds 3,26% of all readership!

    [Discuss the Future of Tech with this template]

  10. Business: Last but not least, the business category contains 3,09% of all readership, which breaks down to 377,215 reads.

    [Tell us about your Business with this template]

Most Popular Writing Templates in 2023

HackerNoon writing templates are at your disposal at all times, but you clearly had some favorites:

  1. Meet The Writer
  2. Web Development
  3. Web3
  4. General Interview
  5. Write a Hackernoon Top Story
  6. Writer Versus Blank Page
  7. Everyone Should Know About It
  8. Describe Your Life Hacks

Thank you all for the words you shared with HackerNoon 💚 We couldn’t have done it without you! If you didn’t see your name up on this list, don’t get discouraged - you’re on our personal favorites list for sure 🤗 And you add “reach a wider audience” or “become a more productive writer” to your 2024 resolutions. You have what it takes to smash your goals and we’ll keep feeding you the tips you need to get there, right here, in your inbox 📧

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