The Perks of Being a Writer: a Mobile App, Writing Contests and Whole Lot of Money

22 Sept 2023

Hey there, Hackers!

In case you haven’t heard, we launched the official HackerNoon app this week!

We’ve been working hard for the past few months to make sure that the HackerNoon app is as good as it can be, and we hope you get the time to check it out - after all, there could be $1000 in it for you.

Take HackerNoon With You Anywhere You Go!

You have likely already heard some buzz around HackerNoon about our new mobile app, but why should YOU care? Good question; here are a couple of cool things that are in store for you exclusively with the mobile app:

  1. 💌 Expand Your Newsletter’s Reach: Remember writers’ newsletters? HackerNoon users can now also subscribe to your newsletter in-app and stay up to date with your publications. No need to turn on a computer!

  2. 💬 Comment Freely: Engage with your readers and fellow tech enthusiasts, share insights, and dive into tech discussions without bypassing a human editor. Downloading the app gives you the freedom to share your insights, thoughts, and expertise directly with the community. Be part of tech discussions, all from the palm of your hand.

  3. 🌐 Build Your Profile: Share your stories, skills, and expertise with the community. Connect with your subscribers and other like-minded individuals in the tech space.

  4. 📤 Share and Connect: Easily share your stories with your community outside of HackerNoon using our diverse social sharing options. It’ll help you foster collaboration and expand your network.

  5. 📚 Enjoy Our App as a Reader: We appreciate you as a writer, but the fact that you keep tabs on what’s being published on HackerNoon makes it even sweeter. So use our app to read and listen on the go, wherever you are!

And that’s just the start: Check out the app for yourself on iOS and Android (it’s totally free!) and see why we’re so pumped to have the HackerNoon app out and in your hands finally. Read up on the rest of the app’s features here.

And while we’re really proud of everything we’ve accomplished with the app, it can always be better. That’s where you come in.

Review Our App For Your Chance To Win Some Money

How does winning $1,000 sound? Sounds pretty good to me!

Download the HackerNoon app, fiddle around with it, read some stories, and let us know what you think. Love it or hate it, we want your feedback so we can make it better. Doing so (and taking a few steps to make sure you’re a real member of the HackerNoon community) will put you in the running for a $1,000 prize. Pretty cool, huh? Learn more here.

Also, don’t forget to upvote our app on Product Hunt if you like it!

CI/CD? How About, See-Some/Mo-ney? The DevOps Writing Contest Is Still On!

If you’ve got something to say about DevOps, then we’ve got just the thing for you. The DevOps Writing Contest by Aptible is in full swing, and we’ve got $18,000 in Total Prizes to hand out, paid monthly through January 2024. That’s a whole lotta money and a whole lotta time that you’ve got to write something good!

Round 2 is finishing up at the end of the month, with round 3 starting on October 1st. So get in there and let us know all your thoughts on IaaS, PaaS, Automated Deployment, Containerization, Microservices, CI/CD all that other DevOps goodness. There’s a lot to write about and you never know what might be the next hit story!

Stuck in a Writing Slump? Writer’s Block Getting the Best of You? Here’s a Writing Tip.

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your writing is to stop writing and go take a walk.

Seriously, go take a walk.

Studies show that walking boosts those creative juices and gets the brain refreshed and ready to start writing your next masterpiece.

If you don’t believe us, take it from our community. Some of our writers have written about this phenomenon in the past, like our frequent contributor Joachim Eeckhout in How to Defeat Procrastination via Walking.

However, in case that fails, check out some of our tech, AI, cybersecurity, and programming stories to get those inspirations and creative juices flowing.

That’s it from us!

Thanks, Hackers. See you in cyberspace! (and the app!)