Story is Too Short

19 Jun 2023

Helpful content is what search engines are giving more space to. Story length is a factor search engines take into account. So if you’re story is “too small”, we might have some issues.

Minimum Word Count

To improve the quality of our content, we set strict limits on minimum word count. Our hard limit is 500 words, moving forward, we will auto-reject pieces under 500 words.

Although that is our minimum, we only want to publish pieces 800 words or more. If you’re going to write something under 800 words, it better be the best 799 words we’ve read all week. If it isn’t, we will reject it and ask you to write more to add more value to the piece.

Editing Protocol Index:

  1. Editing Protocol Overview

    1. Second Human Rule

      1. Verified Writers
    2. Time to Review

  2. Standards of Quality

    1. Originality Score
    2. 6 Ws Score
    3. Objectivity in ranked listicles
    4. Unranked listicles
    5. Actionable advice
  3. Red Flags

    1. Subject Matter

      1. Subject matter saturation
    2. Plagiarism

    3. Sources and Citations

    4. Formatting is bad or broken

    5. Grammar level: gibberish

    6. Story is Too Short

  4. Backlink Rules & Guidelines

    1. Backlink Limits

    2. Backlink quality and diversity

      1. Diversity of sources
      2. Internal linking
      3. Changing links
    3. Reposting and Canonical Linking

      1. Canonical links to company domain
      2. Canonical links to blog networks or social networks